Our mission is to impose new standards on passenger safety, and our team has made significant innovations.

• Safety bow

An addition to the bow part of the ship that is physically separated from the part where the passenger are, and who, in the event of a strike on the front of the ship, takes on the complete kinetic energy of the strike and protects the passengers in the ship from the water penetration.

• Unsincable hulls

The bottom of the hull is filled with pur foam to ensure the ship is unsincable (the boat is in the entire length of the underwater hull up to a height of 35 cm from the bottom hermetically sealed in 12 bulkheads filled with pur foam). The total volume of the foam fillet is 5.6 m3.

The boat has 4 engines (2 diesel engines and 2 electric engines).

The boat has 3 battery groups (“general service” group, “diesel engines” group and “electric motors” group with the possibility of interconnection).